January 27, 2013

Blog: Gesundheit!

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star

— Gross, funny and adorable, it's no wonder that Gesundheit HD was featured as the Best of 2011 by Apple. Updated in January, 2013, the game is free for a limited time.

In this quirky game, a little green pig with a bad cold beats monsters using the mighty power of snot. Yes, snot. In each level, the pig must lead the monster to the tooth lined circle where a big eel-like creature pops up and gobbles the baddy.

The monster will eat try to eat the pig, but can be distracted with a wobbly helping of snot. See, the big read monster with the green teeth has an insatiable yen for snot, and by directing the pig to sneeze on a path to the trap and then into the trap, the poor snot-addicted monster cannot help himself in merrily rushing towards his own demise.

The graphics for this game appear to be drawn in marker or crayon, which adds to the silly flavor (bad word choice?) of this game. The soundtrack is a mixture of piano, classic video game synth, flute and maybe a bit of xylophone for an unobtrusive but very ear earwormy listening experience.

There is some strategy involved in the game. For instance, the little green pig can press buttons that open gates by flinging snot towards the button. Sometimes the gates open to a piece of star-shaped fruit growing on a vine. There are three of these hopefully rich in vitamin C fruits in each level.

One warning, this monster slaying, mucus flinging game will gobble up lots of time.