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January 20, 2013

Blog: Free app of the week: Braindex

— Are you smarter than a celebrity?

This week's free iPad app review is for "Braindex." In this virtual game show, you can prove to yourself that you are indeed smarter than celebrities like Mike Tyson or comedian Damien Fahey.

Players can also take a stab at outwitting cliches such as a pot expert, bodybuilder or human Barbi are just a few that you can go head to head with in the trivia game.

There are some surprises in in the stereotypes. For instance, the human Barbi actually has her masters--probably how she's advanced in a multitude of careers, accessories sold separately.

You get ten shots to answer the question first and answer the question correctly. Topics include pop culture, science, word trivia and more.

There are some drawbacks to the game. It's a little like watching a TV show, only with the option to tap on one of four answers. It's not a game like the classic, Angry Birds, where you can play for a few minutes here and there. The dialog is a little stilted. However, to be fair, it does seem that an effort has been made to make the show seem as real-time as possible.

Trivia lovers and people who like to yell answers at the TV during Jeopardy would probably enjoy this game.

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