January 13, 2013

Weir plans out beginning of his term

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Maintenance, funding and an effort to improve communication have kept Jim Weir busy.

Many of the deputy cars have needed repairs and the vast majority are not equipped with spare tires, Weir said. The new Grady County Sheriff said he has been aggravated with the situation he has walked into.

Weir said that many of the deputies have had to pay for their own uniforms and equipment.

In relation to this, the sheriff's office wants to build its reserve fund, which can be used in the event that deputies--many of who are already volunteering their time--will be provided with needed uniforms and equipment from the reserve fund.

Weir plans to address the burglary and larceny in the area by increasing patrols. He has deputized several municipal police and police chiefs in the county.

This will allow the deputized officers to respond to emergency situations without waiting for the sheriff's office to ask for mutual aid.

The Blanchard police captain and police and the police chiefs of Alex, Verden and Ninnekah have already been deputized since Weir took office.

Weir said there has been a positive response to this endeavor.

Two old burglary cases are expected to be resolved shortly, Weir said that he suspects they are connected with local oil field thefts. The Grady County Sheriff's office is cooperating with Canadian County on this case.

The Grady County K-9 Unit has also been implemented since Weir took office.

School safety is also at the top of Weir's goals.

The first joint exercise lockdown with Bridgecreek schools was completed.

The sheriff's department is working on sending two grants for two resource deputies for schools without municipal police departments, such as Bridgecreek, Amber-Pocasset, Middleberg and Pioneer.

Weir said that school districts who do have officers  have been receptive to having these deputing come through their schools as well.

In the future, the sheriff's office may implement a mounted pose patrol so that officers can navigate rough terrain in rural areas on horseback.