March 21, 2014

BLOG: Recent films aim to stir rebellion in youth

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Typically I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but I think I've developed a good one. 

Last night my lady and I watched Divergent. For those who don't know the premise, essentially there was a war 100 years ago, which led to unrest and the division of people into factions. Now humans are put through a techie version of the Harry Potter Sorting Hat to discover which faction they belong to. Those who show traits of multiple factions are killed Divergent and threaten the integrity of the system because free will is a bitch. 

While I was taking this all in, an epiphany hit me like an arrow to the brain. This ideology is similar to The Hunger Games' district system. 

At their core both of these tales revolve around a few young people that for one reason or another decide government subjugation is for the birds and they aren't gonna take it anymore. They revolt. 

Now here is my theory. Most opinion makers have given up on Generation Y. We are viewed as a herd of narcissistic fools who care more about Twitter followers than human rights. Sadly, for the most part, these critics are correct. 

So what to do? Turn to the next generation, which are currently in the midst of their teenage years. Write books empowering young people to rise up against totalitarian governments. These stories are global sensations and both use the same dystopian premise. 

It's like 1984, but instead of having a whiney protagonist Winston has been made into a badass. Imagine if V for Vendetta came out in the last two years. I guarantee in film his character would have been changed to a teenager  to appeal to the younger generation.  

Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins, I see what you're doing, and I like it. Viva la Revolution!