August 6, 2013

Officer's instincts lead to meth find

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — A Chickasha Police Officer's instincts led him to the discovery of an 8 inch serrated blade and methamphetamines on a man walking in Chickasha  Aug. 3.

Officer Michael Harper-Head said while driving he noticed someone walking eastbound on 9th Street near Alabama Avenue. Harper-Head wrote in an arrest affidavit, the man's demeanor led him to believe the suspect was trying to avoid him.

"The male looked away from me as I passed," Harper-Head wrote.

The suspect, Donald Baxter, said he was not from the area. He also told Harper-Head that he was carrying a weapon.

"I asked the male if he had any guns or knives on him," Harper-Head wrote. "He said 'yes.' When he said this, he did not move and remained very still. This was very strange to me because people typically do not act like this. |  asked him if it was a knife or a gun and he said a knife. He told me it was in his waistband. | pulled up his shirt and saw the handle of a very large knife."

Harper-Head then placed Baxter in handcuffs and removed the knife.

The report states the knife was approximately 8 inches long, and almost the entire blade was serrated.

Harper-Head also took a plastic bottle, with pills in it, a hypodermic needle and two plastic bags containing a substance that later tested positive as a methamphetamine.

The pills were identified as three Acetaminophen Hydrocodone and two Diazepam.

Baxter  was charged with possession of a methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription and unlawful carry of a concealed weapon.