December 6, 2012

Refurbished furby leads list of hot toys

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — From Furby to Tickle Me Elmo and Beany Babies to Nano Pets; each year’s hottest toys lure in prospective shoppers to wait in line and sometimes do the unthinkable to provide their child with the coolest toy.

“We were looking for the Disney Doc McStuffins toys for our daughter and have not been able to find the one she wants. I looked on E-Bay last night and found they were double the actual selling price at the store. I will probably end up ordering online if I can’t find it for regular price,” said Rita Landing, mother of two.

Landing is not alone in paying double for the hottest gifts this year. John Rasmussen said he has had a hard time finding the items his kids have asked for too.

Rasmussen said, “It seems like there are a million people online who went to the stores and bought everything hot this year- only to sell them for a much larger profit later. I refuse to pay it though. It is a little shady at Christmas time if you ask me. Everyone just out to make a buck.”

Rasmussen said he was looking for the newly refurbished Furby 2012.

“I found one that was the wrong color and looking back I should have bought it when I had the chance,” said Rasmussen.

While most stores limit the quantity of sale items a shopper can buy, there are few restrictions on items that are full price.

Some of the other hot toys for 2012 include Leap Frogs new tablet and the kids tablet Meep as well as Lord of the Rings Legos and the Angry Birds Air Balloon remote controlled flying toy.