August 7, 2013

Council shoots down hunting at lake

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Wildlife around Lake Chickasha can now fly and graze with a little less fear.  

The Chickasha City Council voted 7-0 to adopt an ordinance prohibiting hunting in the area on Monday night.

City Manager Stuart Fairburn said there is no one enforcing the new regulation at the moment, but citizens around Lake Chickasha can now file complaints with the Grady County Sheriff's Office should they see a violation.

"People didn't know if it was legal or not ," Fairburn said. "Now people can approach authorities about this."

Railroad crossings that are destroying their respective streets were also addressed during the meeting.

City Council Member Howard Carpenter said he has brought this issue up several times before, but has yet to see any improvement.

"If all we can do is come to the railroad companies with our complaints, then we need to come to them a little stronger, because this isn't getting any better," he said.

Council Member John Toland said he'd been approached by several citizens concerned about a lack of fencing around a construction area near Centennial Park.

Fairburn assured him the fence was up, but acknowledged the construction was dangerous.