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June 25, 2013

Grady deputy nabs Stoops' suspect

TUTTLE — The efforts of law enforcement agencies across the state have paid off, as two suspects involved in the burglary of Bob Stoops’ home have been apprehended within four days of the incident.

Though both arrests were made on June 22, the suspects were detained at different times and locations.

Grady County Deputy Ryan Lake was responsible for making the second arrest of a 15-year-old suspect near Tuttle.

“I received a tip from a Cleveland County deputy,” Lake said. “Somehow the deputy had gotten word that the subject was at a house in Tuttle.”

The subject’s girlfriend, according to Lake, secretly relayed information of the subject’s whereabouts to law enforcement.

Lake wasted no time acting upon the tip. He met with the Cleveland County deputy around 2:15 p.m. and the two officers traveled to the Tuttle residence together.

“I had the feeling this guy would run if given the chance,” Lake said. “So when we got to the house the other deputy covered the back and I went to the front.”

Lake waited several minutes before being received at the door by a female.

“I could hear movement in the house so I assumed whoever was in there was preparing to head out or hide,” Lake said.

Lake’s intuition proved right when the homeowner, later identified as the girl’s mother, opened the door and acknowledged a person matching the burglar’s description was inside — a young black male with a long, white highlight in his hair.

“I immediately stepped passed her,” Lake said. “When I got passed her I saw him down the hallway. He was acting like he was getting ready to leave, but saw me and jumped back into a room. That’s when I ran down the hallway and grabbed him.”

After the subject was apprehended, Lake contacted the Norman Police Department to arrange a transfer. At the time of arrest, aside from the suspect, there were two other juveniles in the home.

“I asked the homeowner if she knew anything about what was going on,” Lake said, “she said she had overheard the kids talking the last few hours and got the idea that something was very wrong. She said she was beginning to get suspicious.”

Lake assisted the homeowner in searching the residence for any stolen items but found nothing.

“It was a good cooperation between all three departments, within 30 minutes of me catching him he was in Norman’s custody,” Lake said.

The overall investigation is ongoing, according to the Norman Police Department.

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