March 4, 2014

Carpenter, Ferguson win council seats in landslide victories

The Express-Star


Christopher Ferguson and incumbent Howard Carpenter won the Ward 1 and Ward 4 city council positions respectively in landslide victories. 

Ferguson and Carpenter each had close to 80 percent of the vote in their respective races.

Ferguson said the council will convene next week for an informal meeting to discuss zoning, the water master plan, and infrastructure.

Securing Fort Cobb as a water source by improving the intake system and updating the 100-year-old water system are among the first issues Ferguson said he expects to face as a councilman.

"I'm willing to listen to consumer interests," he said. "City government is planning the community of the future."

Ferguson's opponent Gary Kuykendall said he plans to continue to be involved in city council meetings and hopes more citizens vote in local elections.

"I'd like to stay involved in local politics and go to council meetings no matter what," Kuykendall said. "We need to get people involved, some [citizens] didn't know they could vote for the city council."

Carpenter's opponent, Charlie Helm, said he hopes the city council will re-examine its vote to close the airport trailer park.

"I hope [Carpenter] is able to help us more than he has been," Helm said. "We don't have the money to move…it looks to me like the same people will keep staying there over and over."

Carpenter was unavailable for comment before press time.

Rush Springs Public Schools voted to spend $9,270,000 on remodeling, furnishing and equipping schools. The issue passed by only 45 votes.

Ninnekah Public Schools also voted to spend $4,950,000 for repairing, remodeling, furnishing and equipping schools with 62 percent approval and $370,000 to buy transportation equipment and to levy and collect taxes with 70 percent of the vote.