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February 27, 2014

Lady Chicks roll on in regionals with win versus Jets



“You have nights like that, but she did a lot on the defensive side that helped us, a lot of rebounding, got the ball to a lot of team mates,” assistant coach Chad Beery said. “She had a lot of assists tonight. So, she found other ways to help us out.”

Golightly was part of a swift offensive move by Chickasha, when Ramos ended up with the ball in the left corner after it had been quickly switched from the opposite flank. She found Sylvester in the commotion for her fifth bucket of the night.

The Jets had enough to make the ending a little dramatic. Charon Cheatham sank her only bucket of the night, a three pointer, in between a Hopkins jumper and a laser shot from the elbow by Combs. She caused problems all second half with some patient maneuvering in the post. The 7-0 spurt was enough to raise some tension, but time was running out.

The Lady Chicks spread the floor with about three and a half minutes left and never looked back. Stewart stole a late bucket as the Jets scrambled, and tried to steal another but was fouled hard as the clock expired. No free shots were necessary, the job had been done.

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