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February 27, 2014

Jackson's victory over can't



Jackson also helped sponsor the first senior reception on the campus of Langston University. This gave graduating seniors an opportunity to learn about AAUW projects, fellowship and research grants. AAUW members had the opportunity to learn more about Langston University and the gateway it opens for African American students. 

In 1998, as a member of the Leadership Oklahoma Class XI Norman program committee, Cultural Diversity Strategies for Change in the 21st Century, Diversity was added as part of the Leadership Oklahoma curriculum. Jackson served as the Oklahoma AAUW Diversity Coordinator from 1991 to 1993. 

"I joined AAUW because it is an organization that supports education for women and allows me to be myself and achieve my goals," Jackson has said. "AAUW is inclusive. I don't have to transform myself to imitate the majority membership." 

Jackson was also the first woman in the state's history to serve on the Oklahoma Banking Board. 

A member of the National Diversity Advisory Group, American Association of University Women and State Diversity Coordinator, Jackson provided workshops on diversity in Oklahoma across the country. 

Jackson has been invited to and attended inaugurations for governors as well as two United States presidents, including Jimmy Carter and Barak Obama. However, Jackson generously passed Obama's invitation to her daughter, Cynthia Anderson. 

In 1979, Jackson was summoned to the White House by President Jimmy Carter to discuss Black Community concerns with the president and his senior advisors. Was a member of Jimmy Carter's Conference on Black Community Concerns in 1979. This conference focused on jobs, education and inspiring the young black community. 

After meeting with Carter, Jackson received a thank you letter from the president's special assistant, Louis Martin,  thanking her. 

"I look forward to staying in close touch with you on our mutual concerns of improving the quality of life for Black Americans," Martin wrote in a letter to Jackson.

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