February 12, 2014

Man accused of throwing can at toddler, brandishing machete

James Bright
The Express-Star


Tuttle police are investigating a man who allegedly threw a can at his 3-year-old nephew last week.

Joe McCallister said his uncle, Lloyd McCallister, woke up from a nap angry and drunk. He came into the living room of Joe’s house yelling and threw an energy drink at Joe’s son, striking him in the stomach.

Tuttle police said they could not find any reddening on the child’s stomach.

While emergency medical services were assessing the child for possible injury, police said they spoke with Joe’s brother, Michael Burgin.

“I asked Michael what happened,” an incident report details. “Michael told me he and his mother, Edna Smith were talking and accidentally woke Lloyd up. Michael said Lloyd starting yelling at them and telling them to shut up. Michael said Lloyd came into the living and threw a Monster Energy drink can at Edna. Michael said the can bounced off of Edna and hit (the child) in the stomach.”

Lloyd then allegedly ran to his car. Michael said he followed, but Lloyd pulled a machete out of his vehicle and told Michael “not to come any closer.”

“Michael said Lloyd got into his car and drove away,” the report reads. “I asked Michael if the Monster Energy drink was full or empty, he said he did not know. Michael said Lloyd was ‘very drunk.’”

EMS confirmed the child was not injured. Police searched the area for Lloyd, but were unable to locate him.