February 5, 2014

Woman locks herself in Love's bathroom in effort to avoid police

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


A woman locked herself in a Love's gas station bathroom in an attempt to hide from Chickasha Police after she had bought prescription drugs that were not hers with a stolen check. 

Chickasha Police received a fraud report from Five Oaks Medical Group. Jamie Dorsey reported that Melinda Scott picked up a prescription for Norco at Five Oaks without her permission. 

Scott had given Five Oak's staff a note and said she was Dorsey's mother. Scott is not Dorsey's mother. Dorsey showed officers a picture of Scott and said she did not want to pursue charges. 

During the call to Five Oaks, the clinic pharmacy called to report that Scott had paid for the prescription with a stolen check. 

An officer made contact with a pharmacy employee who said that Scott comes in often. The employee said Scott paid for the prescription with a check in the amount of $56.36. The check was a Midfirst Bank check belonging to Rebecca Dayton. 

The pharmacy received a call from Five Oaks about the prescription and asked if it had been filled. By this time the prescription had been filled and Scott was gone. 

The pharmacy then made contact with Midfirst Bank about the check with suspicion that it may be stolen. Midfirst contacted Dayton. Dayton then called the pharmacy and told them the check was stolen. 

After the officer left the pharmacy, dispatch said that Scott had locked herself in the bathroom at Love's. The officer arrived at Loves and spoke with an employee who said when the officer was at the Love's an hour ago, Scott saw the officer and ran to the men's restroom and locked the door. 

The officer recalled that the door was locked an hour earlier.

The Love's employee said she reviewed store surveillance video because she let the female use the store phone. The employee was unaware that Scott had locked herself in the bathroom until she saw the video. 

The officer attempted to make contact with Scott through the bathroom door but received no response. Two other officers arrived on the scene but also failed to get a response from Scott. 

The Love's manager gave officers permission to force the door open because they did not have a key. While making entry, the dead bolt key hole was knocked through the door. Another officer could see where Scott had pushed the key hole back in. Scott had locked two different locks on the door and was holding the door shut at the bottom with her feet. 

Scott was placed under arrest and read the Miranda warning. Scott agreed to speak with officers. She said that she was unaware officers were at the door. Scott said Romana Glover gave her the check and told her to pick up Dorsey's prescription. Glover is Dorsey's boyfriend's mother. 

The officer made contact with Dayton, who said she just realized last night one of her check's was missing. Dayton said Scott lives with her and her father in Cyril. Dayton said Scott did not have permission to use her checks. Dayton said that her mother, Glover, has not been at the residence since the checks came up missing and that the signature on the check was not hers. Dayton said she was going to report the checks stolen with the Cyril Police Department. 

Scott was arrested for obstruction, uttering a forged instrument and possession of stolen property and transported to the Grady County Jail.