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January 25, 2014

Juvenile arrested after assaulting officer

Suspect claims he smoked crack earlier that night



Hendrix opened the vehicle and asked the driver to get out, according to the report. The driver complied, but became combative after Hendrix and CPD Officer Clayton Hobbs attempted detain him. 

"That is when I saw and felt (the subject) begin to pull away and fight," said Hendrix. "Hobbs was unable to gain control of his right arm and that is when (the subject) punched Hobbs in the chin." 

Hendrix and Hobbs managed to take the suspect to the ground, but the subject continued of fight even after having one hand cuffed, according to the report. The suspect attempted to stand up and get away. CPD Officer David Michael Harper-Head deployed a Taser to the suspect's left shoulder blade allowing Hobbs and Hendrix to fully detain the suspect. 

Hendrix said he found four knives in the suspect's pockets. 

"(The suspect) was escorted to my vehicle and placed in the back seat," said Hendrix. "(He) was very vocal and was kicking the inside of my vehicle." 

While transporting the juvenile suspect, Hendrix said he continued to cuss and yell in the back seat, and made several comments depicting that he had done crack cocaine that night. 

The 17-year-old passenger of the car was also, arrested after an investigation led officers to believe that he was drunk. 

The driver refused to take the state's blood test and was later taken to Lawton to be housed for the evening.

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