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July 4, 2014

Immigration bus protest was shameful display


Tuesday marked the first time I was not proud to be an American. 

I love my country. I believe in our constitution and the ideals on which the United States was founded. 

But on Tuesday protestors in Murrieta, Calif. blocked buses carrying immigrants fleeing violence in several Central American countries. Most of the people in the buses were women and children. 

Let's examine this for a moment. A bus load of innocent women and children seeking refuge from countries torn apart by drug cartels were met by an angry mob. 

Let's forget about the political implications of this, and focus on the pure inhumanity. 

These people thought the right thing to do was scream and scare dozens of young children. 

The buses were forced to re-route and these shameful human beings cheered like they'd won a battle in an epic war. 

Now, I realize immigration is a hot button issue and has been for the last two decades. I realize many incorrectly believe the recent influx of immigrants will cost them money - it hasn't yet. And I realize we as a country need to be selective about who we grant citizenship too. 

What I don't understand is when it became alright to terrorize children. 

These kids are innocents. They didn't choose to come here, they don't understand policy or political pandering. 

All they know is they were sent to a place that was supposed to be better than where they came from. 

Sad to say, they were lied to. 

I'm not going to be bold enough to say I can solve immigration. I won't be naive and say the system isn't broken. 

All I will say is during this week especially, embracing those yearning for freedom from any persecution should be paramount. And instead of screaming at kids, how about we meet them with blankets and food. Lets save the screaming for our representatives. They're the ones tasked with resolving this, not these children. 

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