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July 24, 2013

Prodigal focuses on own efforts in OKC football feud



Prodigal became more confident in their decision to pursue a team when television audience figures for the FIFA Confederations Cup held in June were released earlier this summer. 

"Oklahoma City was ranked sixth in ratings in the country," Allgood said. "We actually tied New York for viewership."

Currently, Prodigal has no place to play their team, but Allgood said they are in talks with three different venues, none of which he was at liberty to name. With Stars Field in use by Oklahoma City FC -- owned by their competitors in the imminent football feud -- and Taft Field also leased by SOS, pickings in Oklahoma City proper appear slim.

But, it's the future plan of having their own soccer-specific stadium that gives Prodigal's efforts a glamorous sparkle.

"A few years later -- and whether it's three years or five years, I don't know -- we'll build a 7,000-seat stadium that can have multiple uses," Allgood said. "Obviously, soccer would be the main use. But, we'd also design it with the ability to host concerts, some high school football games, and other events."

After some time with the minimum capacity ground, Allgood says the plan includes expansion that the company hopes will eventually lead to the team joining MLS.

"If the corporate support, the fan support and ticket sales, and the on field success is there, we'd like for it to be in MLS within the decade."

Because of the aforementioned legal dispute, SOS's Lund was not able to comment much on his company's bid. The NASL was formed to compete with MLS, so the likelihood of SOS's team some day merging with the current top league in the land is very small.

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