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January 17, 2014

Dorman looks for clean campaign funding


Representative Joe Dorman challenged Gov. Mary Fallin to stay away from lobbyist campaign contributions during their respective runs for office yesterday. 

"I am not going to participate in the 'Pay to Play' activities we too often see happen at the Capitol and in the Governor's office," Dorman said. "Recent reports on issues like the Justice Reinvestment Initiative have shown that some lawmakers cannot resist the temptation of allowing large campaign contributions from lobbyists, lobbyist principles and their PACs to cloud their judgment."

Although state law prohibits legislators from raising campaign contributions in Oklahoma County during session, such stipulations do not apply to the gubernatorial race, according to Dorman. 

He said he hopes limiting special interest contributions made to the governor's race during the session will keep the focus on what Oklahoman's need. 

"It is wrong for lawmakers to turn their backs on the needs and concerns of hardworking Oklahomans because of special interest money. I believe in making laws that benefit the economic prosperity, safety and well-being of all Oklahomans rather than being influenced by the deep pockets of lobbyists and their special interests," Dorman said.

Dorman, who announced the formation of his gubernatorial exploratory committee on Dec. 17, 2013, raised more than $102,000 in only nine days to close the reporting period on Dec. 31. Of that, more than $47,000 came from on-line donations averaging about $134 per donation.

 "The outpouring of support I have received -- both financially and through encouragement of my potential candidacy -- from everyday Oklahomans is exciting," Dorman stated, adding that the majority of his funds have come from "hardworking men, women and families that are looking for real leadership from the Governor for all Oklahomans, not just the rich and powerful lobbyists and special interests that have dictated Oklahoma's future for the last three years."

The General Election will take place Nov. 4.

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