February 14, 2014

Man accused of hitting Walmart employee with truck

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A man was arrested for allegedly striking a Walmart employee with his truck Thursday afternoon. 

Richard James said he was in the parking lot waiting for the cart pusher to move and had honked three times at the employee who would not move. 

"James said he drove around the male and then the cart pusher hit his truck with his carts," Chickasha Police Officer David Michael Harper-Head said. "I asked James if he had been upset and he said he had not and that another male subject in the parking lot had begun yelling at him so he called us."

Harper-Head said Walmart employee Waldon Wade said he was performing his duties as a cart attendant when James accelerated and struck him with his truck. 

"Wade said the male in the truck began yelling at him that he had hit his truck with the carts," Harper-Head said. 

After reviewing video of the incident, Harper-Head said you can see a red truck strike Wade. 

"In the lot you can clearly see a red in color truck drive westbound down an aisle that is directly west of the grocery entrance," said Harper-Head. "You can see Wade standing in the aisle with his cart machine that assists him in pushing and pulling the carts. The truck waits behind Wade, but then drives around him quickly and strikes him with the right side of the truck."

James was determined to be the driver of the truck. He was placed under arrest for battery with a dangerous weapon.