July 11, 2013

Construction slated for end of month

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — A large construction project that will repair several portions of damaged asphalt in downtown Chickasha is expected to start at the end of July.

The $798,509.20 contract was issued to Markwell Paving Company and must be finished no later than Oct. 31, State Representative David Perryman said.

"The US Highway 62 portion of this contract will be 8.5 blocks in length and extend West along Choctaw Avenue from near 3rd Street to near 11th Street," Perryman said. "The US 81 portion of this contract will be 7 blocks in length and extend South along 4th Street from Choctaw Avenue to the vicinity of Minnesota Avenue."

Although slated for the end of July, construction may not begin until early August, said Perryman.