May 17, 2014

Man allegedly hit wife while she was holding their daughter

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — A man allegedly hit his wife, pulled her hair and poured beer on her while she was holding their one-month old daughter yesterday.

The man, Jody Thompson's, wife said Thompson hit her in the face and back of the head 10 to 15 times, pulled her hair and poured beer on her while she was holding their daughter, Chickasha Police Officer Joel Hendrix said.

Hendrix said he found the victim red-faced and crying in a wet shirt.    

"She said the fight had started over her asking him to give her the baby's bottle. She said he became angry and threw the bottle at her while [she was] holding the child," Hendrix said. "The child was not injured during this incident."

Thompson said they were simply having an argument, but that he didn't hit his wife, according to the incident report.

"Thompson said he may have been drinking, but he would never do that to a woman," Hendrix said.

While Thompson and Hendrix were speaking, the victim and CPD Sgt. Cliff Walker were speaking in another room, according to the report.

"[Walker and the victim] entered the room I was in with Thompson to locate her driver's license. As she entered, the victim continued to state, 'this is the last time you put your hands on me,'" Hendrix said.

Hendrix said the victim refused to press charges or sign a report about the statement because Thompson is the father of her child, but he took Thompson into custody in accordance with state law.

Thompson was arrested for domestic violence in the presence of a child.