February 3, 2013

Blog: Penultimate now synced with Evernote

The Express-Star

— While it's easier than ever to communicate, it's not always easy to convey an idea.

There are times when I wished I could just draw out an idea rather than send someone a--hopefully--descriptive wall of text. Or, when explaining a part of an object, it's less frustrating to just be able  to circle that part in a photo. This saves on texts such as "the thingy next to the (small/blue/third/broken) thingy."

Penultimate has been making this kind exchange possible since 2010. Now, teamed with Evernote, users can search for handwriting, store notes forever, an now use Penultimate in Russian and Traditional Chinese if they are so inclined.

Penultimate's interface is pretty simple. In my opinion, it gives just enough options.  There are ten different colors of ink to choose from and slide-to-size ink thickness.

Choose from plain, graph or lined paper. There is also a paper shop where you can buy different paper styles such as lists, photo pages, sheet music and games.

The iPad will never beat the simple intuition of pen and paper, but Penultimate comes pretty close.