January 29, 2013

Commissioners continue their search for new county seal

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — City officials will be busy looking at watermelons, windmills and other symbols of Grady County while judging submissions for the Grady County seal.

Entries for this creative endeavor were received from Canadian Valley Technology Center, Amber-Pocasset High School and Minco High School.

The chosen seal will be seen on everything from equipment to business cards, said Dale Thompson, Grady County Emergency Management, said.

The winner will receive a grand prize, possibly a new iPad, and be honored at County Government Day at the Grady County Fairgrounds. The winner’s name and school will also be on the seal, Thompson said.

Grady County Emergency Management, Sheriff Jim Weir, USAO Campus Security Director Mike Carter, the Grady County Fire Department and others met to discuss preparations.

“We train for natural hazards on a regular basis … We have to be prepared for just about everything,” Thompson said.

Thompson said the drill will be helpful for those who are not regularly trained for such incidents. For example, law enforcement regularly receive training for active shooters but others such as school officials may not know how to respond. The active shooter reenactment meeting will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 18.

Progress on inspecting the safe rooms continues, Thompson said, with eight inspected last Friday.

In other business: The county deed of county owned properties: 113 N 1st Street and 216 N 1st Street, The Bruckner’s Truck lease agreement for District 1 was approved.

The invoice for bridge inspection for District 3 was approved.

The amendment of Programming Resolutions for JP 28471(04), JP 29358(04), and JP 28442(05) was approved.

The contract for janitorial services for the Grady County Health Department was approved.

The 2013 Disaster Recovery Plan for the Grady County Clerk was approved.

There was no action on the Circuit Engineering District Auction Polices.

The Mutual Aid agreement between the Grady County Commissioners and Grady County Sheriff, and City of Lindsey was approved.