January 6, 2013

Blog: Free app shows the minds behind design

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star

— After the holidays, card-swipe-PTSD can make it a little easier to meet resolutions to spend less.

There is so much hustling around the holidays to part you from your cold, hard cash. Never mind what you intend to carefully select for your loved ones. Pre-holiday sales, post-holiday sales, even sales on the holidays themselves so

that neither the store employees nor your wallet get a break.

As a whole, it's  enough to make you hate things.

But who wants to be a things-hating-post-holiday-Scrooge?

This brings me to this Sunday's free app: Wantful.

You could call Wantful a shopping app, because you can buy things, but that's not why I want to call attention to it.

Wantful regularly features stories their products and their creators every week. It creates a slowed down, reconnect with things experience.

I think that artists and designers might also enjoy this app. It is a good place for inspiration when everything feels a little too mass-produced, a little too sloppy on the edges.

The items are actually a little too pricey for my reality, but I do enjoy reading about how things are made and the creative minds behind them.