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December 24, 2012

Vet gives important tips for protecting pets during holidays

CHICKASHA — The holidays can be a really busy time. Trying to finish that last minute shopping trip, buying groceries and entertaining guests can be overwhelming, but it's important not to forget about your family pet. Taking care of your furry family member is essential during this time of year and it can be easily done if you know what precautions to take.

"One of the biggest tips would be don't let your animals eat any people food," said Dr. Will McLin from Cimarron Veterinary Hospital in Chickasha. "Candies and chocolate are very toxic for animals."

Holiday treats and candies can make your pet very sick, according to Dr. McLin. Even candy wrappers can cause digestive problems if eaten.

Christmas ornaments and christmas lights have caused many trips to the vet, Dr. McLin explained.

"It seems like every year we see an animal, especially cats, because it wanted to chew on Christmas lights," he said.

When animals get ahold of Christmas lights they can get dangerous electrical burns.

Christmas decorations such as breakable ornaments should stay away from animals. If a pet accidentally knocks down an ornament and it breaks on the floor this can cut their paws. Holly is also dangerous and can result in significant damage to the stomach and intestines of dogs and cats, if eaten.

Some animals, especially cats, can become overwhelmed if too much change happens in the home at once, Dr. McLin explained.

"Cats seem to do weird things when changes happen," Dr. McLin said. "It's also important to watch children around pets incase they slip them a heresy bar or other candy."

As always, things such as alcoholic beverages are incredibly dangerous for animals. Because alcohol is rapidly absurd into an animal's bloodstream, it affects pets quickly. This can result in dangerous drops in blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature.  

With the cold front coming through this holiday season, it's also important to focus on your outdoor pet needs.

"Make sure your outdoor animal has the typical shelter it needs," Dr. McLin said. "They need a warm place with plenty of fresh water, especially with the snow we may get."

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