December 6, 2013

CHS student gives new life to ancient play

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


A Chickasha High School student's artistic talent has added new vision to the Sophocles tragedy, "Oedipus Rex." 

Jo Perryman, a Chickasha High School English Teacher, gave her class a creative assignment: turn "Oedipus Rex" into a cartoon strip. 

Marleana Morrow, a sophomore in Perryman's Pre-AP English II class, turned in a project that caught her teacher's eye. 

Morrow's rendering of the Athenian tragedy features knob limbed characters with expressive faces and side notes that cue the atmosphere of certain panels, such as "*BOOM MORE Dramatic music to set the mood*" in the last strip where Jocasta commits suicide. 

Morrow also uses humor in a subtle, playful tone such as characters communicating using two cans tied together with a string. 

Morrow said she thought the classic tale was interesting, if a little odd. 

"I never really came across a story like it.  Since it was so different I thought I would lighten it up a bit by adding a little humor," she said. 

How did the young artist develop her quirky style? 

"The style I've developed over the years is cartoonish, but I've been trying to practice my realistic drawing when I can," Morrow said. 

The student's artistic ability may run in the family. 

"My mother is an artist so it influenced me to draw ever since I was a young one.  I used to draw all the time, but now I don’t have much time for it.  I would love to have more free time to practice drawing," Morrow said. 

The Chickasha High School student said she has considered majoring in an artistic field, but that it seems like more of a dream than reality. 

Perryman is proud of her student's efforts. 

"The assignment is not about the artwork but … wow! I thought her work was good," Perryman said.