May 1, 2014

Police arrest alleged repeat shoplifting offender at Love's

By Rachel Snyder
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — A homeless man was arrested for allegedly stealing food items from the Love's convenience store, which he was banned from for previous offenses, on Choctaw Avenue yesterday.

Chickasha Police said the man, Alan Barton has been arrested 33 times for charges including shoplifting, trespassing, indecent exposure, public intoxication and warrants since 2007.

Chickasha Police Officer Reid Kerr said two people in the Love's parking lot waved him over while he was patrolling to tell him about a man taking food from shelves and putting them in his sweatshirt pocket.

"I contacted the subject inside the store and noticed him holding his sweatshirt pocket," Kerr said. "I asked him what he was doing at Love's. He answered by saying he had already paid for his cup of coffee and was leaving."

He said the suspect proceeded to leave the store before he called him back in.

Another officer arrived and recognized the suspect to be Barton, who was banned from the store and had been arrested multiple times for shoplifting, according to the incident report.

"I asked [Barton] what he had in his pockets and he began to pull out the items," Kerr said. "He was murmuring and talking about how he was coming from Anadarko."

Barton stole 2 containers of Vienna sausages, a package of cupcakes and a package of powdered doughnuts, according to the report.

"I asked the clerk working at Love's if [Barton] had paid for any of the items in his pocket and she told me 'no,'" Kerr said.

Barton was arrested for larceny, and trespassing and taken to the Grady County Jail.