April 10, 2014

Landlord allegedly threatens tenant with gun

Rachel Snyder
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — One unfortunate Chickasha renter was allegedly asked for his rent money at gunpoint yesterday.

Chickasha Police Officer David Harper-Head said Jacob Woods called police about the alleged assault and told him he was being evicted, so his landlord, Rodney Kregor, had stopped by his house to ask for payment.

Harper-Head said Woods told him he went with Kregor to his house across the street to complete the transaction.

"Woods said once he was inside Kregor's residence, Kregor began to write him out a receipt," he said. "Woods said that Kregor then pulled a pistol out of a desk drawer and pointed it at him. Woods said Kregor then told him to give him the money."

Woods paid Kregor $408 and went back to his house, where he called police, according to the incident report.

Harper-Head said Kregor wasn't at home when he went to his house to question him, but arrived back while Harper-Head was still at the scene.

"I told Kregor that his tenant was alleging that he pointed a pistol at him," he said. "Kregor told me that he did not point a pistol."

Kregor told Harper-Head that Woods had accompanied him to his house to pay his rent. He said Woods acted strangely and knocked on his door in the middle of the night recently, according to the report.

"Kregor said he pulled a pistol out of his desk drawer and showed it to Woods," Harper-Head said. "Kregor said he told Woods that he could have shot him the other night for the way he was acting."

He said he found a loaded pistol in Kregor's desk drawer, and asked Kregor to make a written statement.

"Kregor writes in his statement that he did pull a pistol out," Harper-Head said. "He goes on to write that he pointed the pistol at Woods, but that he was not going to shoot him," Harper-Head said.

Kregor was arrested for pointing a weapon at Woods and taken to the Grady County Jail.