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April 17, 2013

VIDEO: Storms cause stress, entertainment


Some local residents were plagued by Wednesday night's storms, while others saw an opportunity for a unique adventure.

The two supercell storms left many without power for the evening and widespread flooding made travel through Chickasha a dangerous task.

At least three accidents were reported and a potential tornado uprooted trees and destroyed cars.

The storms were't viewed as a negative by everyone though, as Blanchard resident Sarah Sims and Chickasha resident Sarah Perky took to the flooded streets with a raft.

"We just had the idea and thought it was something nobody else would do," Sims said.

Both women were soaked, with water levels reaching three feet deep in certain areas.

"It was a lot of fun," Perky said. "We hit some pretty bad rapids there, towards downtown, but we are pretty tough."

Misty Treaster, an employee of the Fork Cafe in Salt Creek Casino, was forced to stop her journey home, when her car stalled out on 4th Street, next to the local Sonic.

"Two Sonic females, not the guys, came out and helped me push the car up in here (the Sonic parking lot) and here I sit," she said.

Although flooding was minimal in downtown, employees of the Dollar General on Kansas Avenue were forced to sit in the rain until power was restored to the store.  

Manager Stevie Bailey said it is company policy to attend a store without electricity until power is restored.

"When the power went out, we grabbed these chairs from inside and just set up outside of the door," she said. "Hopefully the camera didn't come on, catch us taking them outside and shut off. That would probably look pretty bad."

Stocker Keyan Rachey and Cashier Kerri Lane stayed with their manager until the lights came back on and all three were able to leave.

Power was restored to most of the downtown area by 11 p.m.

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