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May 31, 2013

Helpless hound found struggling at restaurant

— A casual trip to McDonald's turned into a rescue mission when a woman found a malnourished dog in the back of a white pickup truck and notified authorities.

Danyelle Delaney said she was in the drive-thru with her sister-in-law and her children when they noticed the pup, which is mostly white with brown spots and possibly a pit bull mix, that appeared to be in distress in the bed of a white Ford truck. The dog then jumped out of the truck and the scope of the problem became clear.

"She jumped out, and we could see her bones poking out against her skin," Delaney said. "It's awful, you can see every rib and every bone. I just don't understand some people. I can't leave her like this."

Delaney then went to the dog, but it was so exhausted that it could only manage a few tail wags while she and a couple who had stopped to assist administered help as the dog lay on its side, unable to sit upright in the plus-90 degree heat.

"Some people coming through gave me water," Delaney said.

Eventually, she said the man and the family whom the truck belonged to came out of McDonald's after they ate lunch when she confronted them.

"I asked them if this was their dog, and they said they had rescued her from Norge," Delaney said. "They had dog food in the back of the truck. They said they were going to feed her, but she's already here out of the truck. I asked the man why he didn't just go ahead and feed the dog before he fed his family, and he said nothing."

The family then offered to take the dog, but by then Delaney had already called Chickasha Police who were sending someone out.

"He said 'We can take her,' but I told him the humane society was on their way," Delaney said. "Then he said 'Well, I'm out of here.'" One of the children in the family brought out a bucket full of food before the white truck sped away. Delaney said she recorded the license plate and provided police a description of the man she spoke to.

"I don't think they just found her," Delaney said about the family. "When they came out of McDonald's, the boy said 'Look mom, its;' as if he knew the dog's name."

However, after waiting more than an-hour-and-a-half for someone to show up, Delaney said no one did. The dog is now in the care of someone else who offered to take it home.

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