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May 31, 2013

Fairburn addresses water issues as summer months approach

CHICKASHA — Southwest Americans are gravely concerned about lake levels as temperatures continue to rise across the region. The levels drop in response to the blistering heat which can affect the lives of city residents in a number of ways.

Chickasha City Manager Stewart Fairburn holds the responsibility of tracking the levels are two different lakes: Lake Chickasha, a lake of leisure, and Ft. Cobb Lake, the lake which supplies the city water.

"We are concerned right now over the water levels," Fairburn said, "but will be discussing an engineering project next week that will place an extension in the Ft. Cobb Lake. We are two feet below where we were last year at this time."

Placing an extension in this lake, according to Fairburn, will result in more a more sufficient supply of water for the people of Chickasha.

The Chickasha Lake, popular for recreational activities, is currently six feet below full.

"We keep track of the levels there by a foot marker," Fairburn said. "It's a minuscule amount of feet we are talking about now but it will be interesting to see where we are at midsummer."

According to Fairburn, Ft. Cobb Lake is checked on weekly while Lake Chickasha is checked on bi-monthly.

"We are concerned about Lake Chickasha too," Fairburn said. "We want to make sure the boat ramps there are still workable. This lake is one of the places that really makes our city attractive."

Triple digits have posed the threat of drought throughout Oklahoma in recent years, but Fairburn remains optimistic about the months to come.

"We've gotten a lot of rain with the recent weather we have experienced," he said, "so people aren't having to water their yards as much and this helps to eliminate the heavy demand of water. Hopefully, we will continue to receive a healthy amount of rain."

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