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November 13, 2013

Officer says woman threatened him during arrest


A woman allegedly became combative and vulgar after a local police officer took her to jail on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol Monday. 

Chickasha Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander stopped Maria Givens after he observed her driver's side tail lamp had a hole in it. 

"I immediately noticed that Givens appeared to be extremely intoxicated. Givens had an odor I associate with the consumption of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath. Also Givens had glassy eyes, lethargic movement, thick slurred speech, repetitive non-communicative speech, and she was swaying along with being unsteady in her movements. She fumbled around the vehicle dropping paperwork trying to find the insurance verification. Givens was also drooling from the mouth," said Alexander. 

Alexander said Givens appears too drunk to perform a field sobriety test and she has a history of being combative with officers. 

Alexander placed Givens under arrest. After a back-and-forth conversation, Givens agreed to take a Breathalyzer test before being booked into jail, said Alexander. 

"Once the testing sequence started she refused to following instructions and cooperate, and after receiving two deficient samples of 0.15 and 0.12 breath alcohol concentration I stopped the testing," said Alexander "Givens would not follow instructions anymore at that point and refused the breath test again unless I gave her a blood test first."

Alexander then transported Givens to The Grady County Jail to be booked in. 

While en route to the jail, Alexander said Givens began threatening him. 

"At one point Givens told me she was going to shoot me in the face because I was an 'Uncle Tom,'" said Alexander. "Givens went on to say that it probably would not be a black person to kill me. Givens went on to say very vile things about my family. 

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