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November 7, 2013

Walmart employee who asked gay man to leave "no longer with the company"

CHICKASHA — A Walmart employee who allegedly asked a Chickasha man to leave the premises on Wednesday has been fired, according to a company spokesperson.

“He is no longer with the company,” Wal-Mart Corporate Spokesperson Kayla Whaling said. “After investigating the situation, we determined his behavior was inappropriate and unacceptable for Wal-Mart.”

Jonathan Pacheco and his boyfriend were shopping in the Chickasha Walmart when an unnamed employee asked Pacheco about his sexual preferences, commenting that “it is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

"He told me that I wasn't allowed in his store," Pacheco said.

Pacheco spoke with two store managers, but said nothing was done about the situation. He decided to leave the store.

"I just walked away," said Pacheco. "I wasn't looking for any kind of fight and we weren't acting inappropriately. I just wanted to buy some cookies.”

Pacheco said the incident left him feeling conflicted about where he can go to shop in Chickasha.

"I feel like I can't go anywhere now," he said. "Out of all the stores I go to, Walmart is the one that is prejudiced against someone's sexual orientation. I mean, come on."

Walmart is looking into issuing an apology, according to Whaling, but Pacheco said as of Thursday, he has yet to receive one.

Caleb Slinkard and Adam Troxtell contributed to this story.

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