November 8, 2013

Vulgar defendant arrested for assault on peace officer

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Although a trial was conducted, and Elizabeth Barnes  found guilty of resisting arrest on Oct. 30, the woman who vehemently screamed vulgar obscenities at Judge Kory Kirkland and several police officers will see a court room again in the near future. 

Barnes was held in contempt of court after she repeatedly disobeyed Kirkland's orders to stop screaming and cursing in his courtroom Tuesday morning. 

While transporting Barnes between the jail and the Chickasha Municipal Court, Chickasha Police Officer Gillian Rainey said Barnes was combative and made multiple threats. 

"Barnes was handcuffed and taken to my patrol car, yelling the entire time," Rainey said. "Barnes continued cursing at me and describing how she felt about others and Barnes told me 'You are dead! Don't you put your f*****g hands on me.' | asked Barnes if she was threatening me and she told me, 'I don't have to because someone else will end your life.' She also said 'If you touch me again you're a dead f*****g woman!'"

Barnes continued her tirade of vulgar threats after Kirkland ordered her removed from the court. 

"On the way out to my car, so | could take her back to the jail, Barnes told me 'The people that I know are going to end your f*****g life you stupid f*****g w***e,'" Rainey said. "And 'next time you f*****g brutalize somebody you better make sure it's not somebody who knows people that are gonna f*****g hurt you.'"

Barnes was arrested at the Grady County Jail for Assault on a Peace Officer.