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October 31, 2013

CPRS concludes possible haunting in Express-Star office



"We did hear things while sitting on the stairs like tapping and foot steps," she said. 

At one point the door to the basement of the building actually opened on its own, according to Wagner. 

A conclusive answer is linked to persistence, and the CPRS is ready and willing to continue investigating the paper's home. 

"People think that ghost hunters go to a place once and they are done, but what they don't realize is the stuff they see on TV is filmed over two or three dates," said Wagner. "It's a process and you have to keep going." 

As for those who work in The Express-Star's building, Hatchett said they have nothing to fear. 

"Sometimes when it's a residual haunting, people may just end up in the path of the action and it could hit you, but it's not intentional," she said. 

Details from the investigation of The Express-Star's building and other CPRS investigations can be found on their website, at   

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