October 18, 2013

Police respond to woman in ditch

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A woman became combative with a police a officer Wednesday night after he found her laying in a ditch with a coat over her heard. 

Chickasha Police Officer Michael Harper-Head responded to a call of a welfare check on a person on the side of roadway. 

"I called out several times, but the subject did not answer," Harper-Head said in an incident report. "I pulled the coat off of the party and saw the party was an adult female subject, She looked at me, but stayed on the ground." 

Harper-Heard advised the subject to stand up. She complied, according to the report,  would not answer any of Harper-Head's questions. 

"I asked her to talk to me and she would not," Harper-Head wrote. "She began to walk backwards up into the roadway. I was concerned that she was going to walk out into the roadway where traffic was moving." 

Harper-Head then grabbed the woman's right hand, which she jerked away. The woman screamed at Harper-Head and backed farther onto the road.

"I took a hold of her arm again and she became combative, batting her hand toward me," he said. "I used an arm bar and took the woman to the ground. She landed on her stomach in the grass. I placed the woman in handcuffs. 

Harper-Head said the woman became belligerent, cursing and claiming "this was the fifth g*****n time some g*****n f*****g cop has put their hands on her."

Harper-Head said she would not provide any information confirming her name, date of birth or social security. Harper-Head said he believed the subject to be a transient. 

"The woman continued to be belligerent and not provide any information to us about her identity or why she was in a ditch," Harper-Head wrote. 

Harper-Head booked the woman into the jail for obstructing an officer and later identified her as Elizabeth Alice Wood.