September 26, 2013

SCOOP draws new business to town

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


The South Central Oklahoma Oil Province has gained the attention of another business. Energy and Environmental Services (EES) will open an office near the Canadian Valley Technology Center in Chickasha the old Aero Building.

"This is a good starting place for what they're doing," said Christy Elkins, president of the Chickasha Economic Development Council. "We've helped them out as much as we can and we believe they will be successful here like many other companies." 

EES creates valves and valve coating used on drilling sites across the country.

Based out of Oklahoma City, EES will start with 10 people in their Chickasha office, but plan to grow, said Elkins. 

"We identified a building for their use and since then they have done everything on their own," Elkins said. "They've been a really great company to work with. 

EES is one of many businesses  in the energy industry who recently opened a location in Chickasha.