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September 20, 2013

Man arrested after slicing girlfriend's hand with knife


A man was charged with domestic abuse and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after slicing his girlfriend's hand while he was cutting her clothes. 

A Chickasha Police Officer was dispatched to a residence on East Choctaw to answer a domestic violence call, according to an incident report from the Chickasha Police Department. 

The officer talked to Ashley Taylor, who said her boyfriend, Austin Ruff and she had an argument. 

Ruff began to argue with Taylor with she was putting on makeup to go to Walmart. When she returned home, Ruff became angry and said he was "sick of her crap," the incident report said. 

Taylor showed the officer a cut on her hand where she said Ruff had cut her. 

Taylor said that earlier in the night Ruff had grabbed a knife and had cut Taylor's clothing due to her "fixing herself up to go to Walmart," the incident report said. 

Taylor said she asked Ruff to stop and that Ruff had responded no and told her to get out. Taylor said she left the residence to wait for Ruff to calm down. 

Taylor told the officer that as Ruff was slicing her clothes open, she tried to get Ruff to stop. Taylor said that Ruff then turned to her and told her to get out. He then went back to cutting her clothing. 

When Taylor tried to stop him, Ruff sliced her thumb instead of the clothing. 

While the officer was speaking to Taylor about the incident, Ruff pulled up in a black Chevy truck. 

Ruff was arrested and transported to the Grady County Jail.

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