November 22, 2012

Local fitness representatives tell how to keep holiday pounds from building up

James Bright
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Thanksgiving marks more than the beginning of the holiday season. For most, it  marks a time when diets go by the wayside in favor of sweet treats and excessive amounts of meat. Almost everyone falls victim to holiday eating and the pounds just seem to pile on.

Solutions are readily available though according to local Chickasha exercise authorities. Manager of Anytime Fitness Diane Griffith said the simple act of walking is the best way to combat those extra holiday calories.

"You just need to expend more calories than you're taking in," she said.

Both walking and running lead to a strong back and stronger abs Griffith said. The key is focusing energy and attention on tightening muscles in both the abs and back during exercise. Doing this will burn more fat and prevent the body from storing unused energy Griffith said.

"Most people just let their muscles go while running or walking and that's no good for the body," she said.

Owner and Manager of Mike's Around the Clock Fitness Mike Montgomery said exercise is wonderful, but focusing on diet is a better way to keep the holiday 10 at bay.

"All throughout the holidays you're going to be given stuff you normally don't want to eat," he said. "The key is limiting how much of that stuff you eat. If you break your diet for one day,you'll be fine."

Even Montgomery said he is looking forward to some common holiday treats.

"I myself am looking forward to that turkey and pumpkin pie," he said.

Montgomery expressed the importance of continuing to eat after the holidays conclude. He said you have to eat and exercise in order to lose weight.

"As long as you fuel your body you will lose weight," he said. "It's when you don't and you stop exercising. That's when you hurt your body."

Both Anytime Fitness and Mike's Around the Clock Fitness are 24-hour establishments open every day of the year and both are accepting new members.