February 12, 2013

Police Reports Feb. 8 - Feb. 10

The Express-Star


Amy Maytubby was arrested with a Grady County warrant at the 1300 block on S. 17th Street.

Jennifer Goldsmith was arrested at the 1400 block on W. Washington Ave with an arrest warrant.

Larceny was reported at the 1500 block on S. 19th Street.

Failure to return rental property was reported at the 1900 block on S. 4th Street.

A second degree burglary was prorated at the 2000 block Utah Ave.

An adult female was arrested for domestic abuse in Caddo County at the 600 block on S. 12th Street.

An officer arrested a subject for DUI at the 900 block on W. Alabama Ave.

Feb. 9

Officers arrested three juveniles for juveniles for public intoxication and one was arrested for curfew violation at the 500 block on S. 13th Street.

Officers investigated a suicide at the 1700 block on S. 7th Street.

Jai Rivet Jr. was arrested on Cleveland County warrants at the 2000 block on W. Virginia Ave.

Officers took an information report at at Walmart, located at the 2000 block on S. 1st.

A juvenile male was arrested for public intoxication, larceny of merchandise from a retailer, and being an unauthorized absence at the 900 block on S. 4th Street.

An officer received information at the 900 block on S. 3rd Street.

An unauthorized absence was reported at 1900 block on S. 14th Street.

Malvin Avriett was arrested with city warrants at the 1600 block on S. 4th Street.

Feb. 10

Mikel Frazler was arrested for municipal and county warrants at the 1200 block on W. Dakota Ave.

A subject was arrested for eluding a police officer on N. 9th Street.