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January 23, 2013

Former sheriff finds success through writing

— Former Grady County Sheriff Kieran McMullen has used his special battlefield knowledge to write a handful of popular non-fiction books based on two well-known characters in world literature, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.

On McMullen's blog "The Many Watsons" he addresses where his interest in to Dr. Watson sprung from.

"I've been asked where my fascination with Dr. Watson has come from," McMullen said. "To tell the truth I can't remember when I wasn't interested in the man."

McMullen's first interaction with the world of Dr. Watson and Holmes came from his father, an English and Russian literature professor at St. John's University in New York.

"In reading Holmes, both the canon and the hundreds of pastiches, there was always the unknown quantity - Watson," McMullen said. "He was intelligent, athletic, a fine shot, a good horseman and an Army veteran. But so much was unknown; How had he been at the Battle of Maiwand when his regiment was hundreds of miles away. What happened to his family? What had been his education, and on and on. After 12 years of law enforcement I empathized with the often flexible outlook he took on the literal aspects of the law."

McMullen received his BA in History from St. John's University. He went on to get his MA in Human Resources from Pepperdine University. McMullen served as Grady County Sheriff from Sept. 1999 until Oct. 2008. He currently lives in Townsend, Georgia with his wife Helen. They have three children.

McMullen has written four books about Dr. Watson and his adventures. The first book, "Watson's Afghan Adventure" was published in January 2011. In Watson's adventure the doctor explains to Holmes his journey to becoming a doctor for the army. He also explains how a treasure map brought him on to Baker Street.

McMullen's first book received excellent reviews on

"The tale told is well written and intriguing with a variety of characters and locations," Philip Jones wrote in an online review.

His second book, "Sherlock Holmes and The Irish Rebels" was published in November 2011. Set in early 1916, Watson is called to London to aid Sherlock once again.

McMullen's most recent books, "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Boer Wagon" and "The Many Watsons" were both published in Oct. 2012. In "The Many Watsons" McMullen explores the actors who have portrayed both Holmes and Dr. Watson on the big screen.

His books have even caught the attention of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, a literary and social society that studies the life and work of Holmes and Watson.

"Few people have considered the early life of John H. Watson in any depth," The Sherlock Holmes Society of London wrote. "Kieran McMullen, author of Watson's Afghan Adventure is a former professional soldier and a specialist in American military history an appropriate person to tell of Watson's experiences as an army surgeon. Exciting, and full of authentic military detail."

All of McMullen's books are available for purchase on in paperback and in Kindle form.

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