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January 23, 2013

Blog: A nod to Grady County OHCE

— I recently went to the OHCE Winter Council to check out what they are doing for the Grady County community.

OHCE has been behind many activities in Grady County, from the quilt exhibit in the fall, the craft show in the spring as well as their involvement in the Grady County Fair around late summer.

But what struck me about this group was not only their enthusiasm for helping the community, but having some fun at the same time.

They are going to their Southwest Oklahoma OHCE in Weatherford on March 29 and having a meet and greet the day before. No, it's not going to be some stuffy affair with appliqued napkins and awkward standing around. That's just not OHCE's style. (Although I bet those ladies can applique some pretty wicked napkins).  

For their meet and greet, they are going to the the Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford where there are pieces of rockets that you can walk through like hallways, a flight simulation lab and a planetarium. Cool? Yes, ma'am!

But don't be intimidated, not only do the members of OHCE know how to have a good time, they are so incredibly nice! Buffoon I am, I just waddled into their meeting and found a seat. No problem. And that experience is pretty consistent.

Interested in crafts? The success of websites like Etsy and Pintrest would suggest that handmade wares of all varieties still have a strong audience. Grady County OHCE? Oh they've only been on that train since forever ago.

Keep an eye on OHCE. And if you want to be around smart, creative people who are concerned about the community and will make you feel at home, consider joining them. They're looking for members.


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