January 20, 2013

Editorial: American Board brings opportunity to local educators

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — We want to commend The American Board for addressing the issue of teacher shortages in Chickasha.

We as a people are constantly bombarded in the media with stories detailing how class sizes are getting larger and teachers fewer. More and more seem to be getting out of the education profession and pursuing less stressful and higher paying jobs. It is wonderful to see an organization combatting this trend and we welcome their efforts.

Not only are they attempting to minimize classroom size by adding teachers, but their goal of adding experienced educators in the mix is beyond commendable. We can only hope that their upcoming event will prove fruitful for all involved combatting a lack of educators here.

Explaining the process of certification for those who may be having difficulty achieving certification is needed in today's work force and we are glad to see it taking place.

Few know that simply holding a bachelor's degree can land you in a teacher's role in less than a year. That information is crucial to the success of our young people and we are happy an organization like The American Board exists to make these certifications a possibility.

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