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January 7, 2013

Local student suspended for gun gesture

CHICKASHA — A five-year-old boy was suspended from Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center for two days for making a gun gesture with his hand and saying “bang” to another student.

The parents of the young boy spoke with school officials after the incident and felt the punishment was too harsh given the boy’s age.

The “hand” gun ordeal occurred on Dec. 20, prior to the holiday break.  

“He wasn’t able to go to his Christmas party on that Friday. He was pretty bummed out about it. And then he also had to miss the first day back after the break, all for something that was completely harmless. He is five,” said the boy’s father.

The boy’s father said he understands there is a lot of attention on gun control after the many shootings around the nation in 2012; however he felt his son was being punished for others wrong doing.

“They said they take these things very seriously, but give me a break, he’s young” said his father.

In an interview on Monday, Professional Day, Superintendent of Chickasha Public Schools Jim Glaze said, “I can’t go into specifics about that particular incident. There were consequences given, Ms. Morse (Assistant Superintendent) explained to the father there are channels they could take if they were unhappy with a disciplinary matter. To my knowledge, they did not appeal the suspension.”

Glaze said every case is different.

“It depends on the maturity level of the student, whether they have been warned in the past, and the seriousness of the offense. It is a serious deal when we come to school now. Things have changed in our society whether we like it or not,” said Glaze, “On the other hand, as a parent I would be concerned if my child came home from school saying another student said they were going to shoot them.”

Students across the Chickasha School District return back to class from the break tomorrow.

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