November 19, 2013

Attempted Walmart thefts results in 2 weekend arrests

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


There were two alleged attempted Walmart thefts, which were foiled over the weekend. 

Chickasha Police Officer Derek Hunt responded to a report of a detained shoplifter Nov. 16 at the Chickasha Walmart. 

Hunt made contact with a Walmart asset protection agent. The female suspect was identified as Holly Campbell. 

"I asked Holly what happened," said Hunt. "Holly said something to the effect that she walked out of Walmart with food in her possession." 

Hunt read Campbell her Miranda rights. Campbell said she didn't understand them. Hunt read them a second time and asked Campbell if she understood her rights. 

"Holly told me, 'All I know is I'm guilty. I stole this right here. I walked out the door with this food is I guess what I did (SIC). That's what I did. I don't know what else to say,'" Hunt wrote in an incident report. 

The items were valued at $12.66. 

Campbell was arrested for shoplifting and taken to the Grady County Jail. 

On. Nov. 17 CPD Officer Michael Allen Chavers said he was dispatched to Walmart where he was told by employee Christopher Thompson that Dylon Townsend was seen allegedly putting a phone case and charger in his coat pocket.

"Thompson said he followed Dylon Townsend throughout the store," said Chavers. "Thompson said Townsend passed all points of sale without paying for the items. Thompson stopped Townsend and detained him. Thompson told me he recovered the property from Townsend and that Townsend admitted to stealing it."

Chavers said Townsend admitted to him that he stole the items. He said he came to Walmart and realized he didn't have the money to purchase the items he decided to take them, according to Chavers. 

The total value of the items was $67.22. Townsend was arrested for larceny of merchandise from a retailer.