August 31, 2013

Tuttle toddler found strolling down street

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


A toddler was found toddling down Bond St. in Tuttle, a report from the Tuttle Police Department said. 

Detective Shana McKee, of the Tuttle police department, was dispatched to the corner of southeast 1st and Cimarron in Tuttle on reports of an unattended child walking in the middle of the street, the report said. 

Ursula South, who had called the police department, said she was standing in her yard when she saw the diapered child walking down the middle of Bond St. across from the apartments. She went to the child and stayed with him until McKee arrived. 

The child was a blond male with blue eyes, wearing a diaper and carrying a baby bottle. McKee put the child in her patrol car.

"The child appeared to be in good health, was happy and friendly, and had no visible signs of injury or illness," the report reads. 

Police Chief Don Cluck and Captain Boyd patrolled the immediate area attempting to locate the child's parents. 

The child was transported to Tuttle PD where Tuttle Fire and EMS W.J. Morgan and Towana Smith checked the child's overall physical health. 

The child was give a fresh pair of pajamas and a new diaper as well as a bottle of fresh milk. Jennifer Case, of Grady County DHS took custody of the child. 

Danielle Vaughn was identified as the child's mother and transported to the Tuttle Police Department. Vaughn said that she and the child's biological father, Christopher Davis, said that their roommate leaves the apartment at 4 a.m. for work and must have forgotten to lock the door when he left. Vaughn said the child knows how to open and close doors. Vaughn said that she and Davis started looking for the child immediately when they woke up and realized the child was not in the apartment. 

Case took custody of the child and informed the parents that DHS was taking emergency custody of the child and that a court hearing would be set up within 48 hours.