October 11, 2012

Recent numbers show active voters in Grady swing Republican

James Bright
The Express-Star

GRADY COUNTY — Numbers recently released by the Grady County Election Board indicate that although there are more Registered Democrats in Grady County more voting percentages are higher among registered Republicans.

The numbers show 40 more registered Democrats in Grady, but 2,027 inactive Democratic voters compared to 1,510 inactive GOP voters.

Chairman of the Grady County Democratic Party Steve Cox said actions by state representatives led to the decline in Democratic votes.

"We are trying to charge the party, but we can't seem to get voters interested," he said. "A lot of elected officials have not stood up for our party's values."

Chairman of the Grady County Republican Party Wade Steelman disagreed, saying the current national political climate has affected voters in Grady County directly.

"Most Republicans I am aware of feel like the country is heading down a wrong path," he said. "People are voting to keep their rights because they feel like the constitution is being trampled on."

Cox is also concerned about voter apathy, which he said contributed to diminishing number of Democratic votes locally.

"We used to get 80 to 90 people to show up to our monthly meetings," he said. "Now we are lucky to get 15."

Steelman said Grady County's political history is primarily responsible for the massive shift in the GOP's favor.

"A large number of Republicans used to be Democrats because that's all there was around here and if you wanted to vote in local elections you had to be Democrat," he said. "Now that there are more GOP options locally more people are registering Republican."

For the time being Cox said he plans to continue campaigning in hopes of brings more people to his side of thinking and registering more Democrats.

"Personally, I have been trying to remind people about the Democratic programs that help them," he said. "I can give people all kinds of statistics, but it's up to them to read and disseminate that information. I am trying to energize the base."