December 24, 2013

Ice storm leaves Chickasha in holiday freeze

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


Ice covered trees and power lines across Grady County this weekend, but according to Grady County Emergency Management Deputy, Paulette Nicholas, it could have been worse. 

"Under the circumstances, we didn't do that bad," Nicholas said referring to weather related emergencies. 

The icy rain provided about an inch of moisture and the ice mostly did not stick to the roads. There were few accidents and about three structure fires, she said. 

The Grady County Fire Department acquired three chainsaws to be used to cut limbs and for other emergencies. This was an asset the fire department did not have before, Nicholas said. 

A release from the office of Stewart Fairburn said that the City of Chickasha will be assisting the city in limb cleanup. Residents are instructed to haul and stack their broken tree limbs next to the curb and the city will pick them up. The city asks that residents do not put limbs in alleys or the street. The city cannot go onto private property to pick up limbs. 

It may take several weeks to recover from the ice storm due to the amount of downed limbs, the release said. The city advises that residents be careful with chainsaws, limbs around electric lines, climbing on ladders and moving large logs.