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December 17, 2013

Governor from Grady

State Rep. Joe Dorman says 2014 campaign is 'almost certainty'



“I look forward to continuing my conversations throughout the state, listening to Oklahomans tell me about their challenges and how they need – and want – leadership,” he said. "I'm someone who can work across party lines, I have a track record of working well with Republicans and Independents." 

Dorman's colleague, State Representative David Perryman (D-Chickasha) echoed this sentiment. 

"Joe is well respected among legislatures," said Perryman. "His integrity and knowledge from parliamentary and a rules standpoint has no equal. Joe is looked at by members of both parties as someone who will be missed in the state house when he terms out. I can't think of anybody that would be a better representative for a chief executive for the state of Oklahoma." 

Following the May tornadoes, Dorman has campaigned across the state for the installation of storm shelters in schools, while crafting legislation on the same topic. 

"I will never let this go by the wayside," he said. "I am disappointed in Governor Fallin, (Attorney General Scott) Pruitt and (State Superintendent Janet) Barresi, and what they have done in this state in regards to this issue. Storm shelters will be a top issue for me."

Dorman said he will continue to represent his district to the best of his ability for the duration of his term. 

Previously, Dorman lightheartedly remarked he would like to meet his first lady before running for governor, and plans to maintain that attitude during the campaign. 

"I am going to meet a lot of women on the campaign trail I imagine, and maybe I'll meet the right lady," he joked. 

Dorman, 43, will hold a series of listening sessions and live, interactive “telephone town halls” across the state. His first telephone town hall meeting will be tomorrow.

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