December 18, 2013

Salt Creek celebrates year of business

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Pocasset's Salt Creek Casino is celebrating its year anniversary today. 

Last December the gaming center had its soft opening on Dec. 17 and General Manager Justin Yahola said things have definitely grown during the time in-between. 

"We have definitely seen an increase in business," he said. "I think a lot of that is due to us getting our name out there with advertising and marketing." 

Yahola said the casino employs more than 100 people, a lot of which come from the Grady County area. 

"We've made contacts with a lot of people in the local area," said Yahola. 

Patrons of the casino have come from all over, with gamers traveling from portions of Kansas and North Texas to play at Salt Creek. 

"A hotel has been talked about for this location, but that decision will be made after a couple more years of revenue," said Yahola. "With our promotions we set ourselves apart from other facilities."

In addition to the establishments seemingly endless promotions, Yahola said amenities such as the Fork Cafe and Brook Bar also draw in clients. 

"We are not just a gaming facility," Yahola said. "We like to keep close contact with the dining establishment and bar area, so they continue to work together." 

The first year of business has gone by fast for Yahola. He said community involvement has been one of his greatest joys, and since he's not from the area he would like to see it continue to grow along with his operation as a whole.