June 11, 2014

Former Racer appointed to head CHS basketball

Adam Troxtell, Sports Editor,
The Express-Star


Wes Pulliam, who spent a decade coaching Newcastle boys' basketball, was hired to the same post at Chickasha on Monday.

He replaces Nathan Pennypacker, who resigned for unspecified reasons in May. Pulliam brings local experience to the post, having previously coached at Amber-Pocasset. 

The Fightin' Chicks were noted for their high-tempo play last season, specifically on offense. Under Pulliam, that doesn't look to be changing.

"I like to play that way," he said. "I'd rather play where you're getting after them defensively. We're going to be aggressive, man-to-man."

In fact, there are more reasons that Pulliam appears to be a good fit. Last year's Fightin' Chicks team lacked in overall height, something he said he is accustomed to dealing with.

"I've never really had any height," Pulliam said. "But, you just use good guard play, look to work it inside with screens. I'm old fashioned when it comes to passing. The guy who shoots is the guy who's open. It's my job to make sure that guy that is open can hit his shot."

Pulliam is a change from Pennypacker, who was in his first head coaching role with Chickasha. With over a decade of basketball under his belt, Pulliam brings an experienced touch to a still young Chickasha team.

"Wes is familiar with this area," Brown said. "He brings experience to a program that we like to see that in."

Like the football coach appointment, Pulliam comes into the game somewhat late for Chickasha's basketball preparations. He said he hopes to take advantage of summer opportunities to get to know the team more.

"That's the biggest thing in summer is getting a plan together for August," Pulliam said.

Much like football, Pulliam finds himself with a shorthanded coaching staff to work with. Last year's assistants, JT Cobble (now at Stilwell) and Jerry Don Bray, have their hands full with head coaching positions in football. A priority for Pulliam in Chickasha is getting another coaching body in over the summer.

"We really need to find another basketball person," he said. "Someone who can do other things as well, but someone who can put basketball first."

Pulliam plans to meet with players on Thursday at the Field House at 7 p.m. in a meet-and-greet event.